Currently, Ryan Guttridge teaches Finance at the University of Maryland’s renown Smith School of Business primarily to graduate students. This demonstrates his ability to articulate complex subject matter at a high level.

At the same time, Guttridge prides himself on having a more pragmatic approach than the typical investment firm. Much like Warren Buffet’s investment viewpoint that looks at value rather than Wall Street speculation, which is a methodology is proven to deliver results. In essence, GCM quantifies Warren Buffet’s investment strategy, bringing pragmatism and common sense to investment strategies for a flat fee.

GCM takes great care to help you understand each investment. In particular we explain the upside (or downside) of each holding in a way that investors completely understand. Our clients know not only where there money is – but more importantly, why.

GCM looks beyond the basics you might receive from the typical portfolio builder who merely looks for “wins” to outweigh “losses.” Our goal is not diversity through mutual funds, but rather smart, buttoned-up investments that show promise on an individual business level. Our philosophy is a pragmatic one – look at the stock as an asset, determine a reasonable value and make an investment decision relative to the current stock price.

The price of an asset/stock on any given day is merely a point estimate – it is our job and our proven methodology that will help us understand where the price comes from and the probability that it will be sustainable, grow, or fall back.

We’re not a “hold, forget, and hope” investment firm. Our independent research looks at each and every potential investment thoroughly and holistically over time to uncover revenues, margin, and the company’s ability to reinvest and grow.

We hope that you will choose to work with GCM to define how we can secure your future by achieving the outcomes that you need in terms of income, and growth.