ryan-guttridgeRyan Guttridge

CFA, Managing Partner

Ryan Guttridge, CFA, founded Guttridge Capital Management (GCM) in 2013 as a firm specializing in wealth management for high net-worth investors. GCM provides rock-solid financial analysis using the Sustainable Cash Flow Methodology.

Mr. Guttridge began his career at Legg Mason as an advisor working for individual clients. During his 16 years with Legg Mason, Mr. Guttridge served in a variety of capacities including analyst, retail advisor, institutional sales person, and member of Legg Mason’s Investment Advisory Committee. In an effort to broaden Legg Mason’s research effort, Mr. Guttridge partnered with select prominent local universities and faculty. The success of this effort lead to Mr. Guttridge being appointed to the position of Visiting Scholar in the Department of History and Fellow at the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and Study of Business Enterprise (2007-2016) at The Johns Hopkins University. In 2016, Mr. Guttridge became an adjunct Professor of Finance at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business.

Mr. Guttridge left Legg Mason to serve as the Chief Investment Officer of the Middleton Gardiner Group in 2009. Four years later, in 2013, he formed Richmond Optimus Capital Management, which is now Guttridge Capital Management.